AAJrogo AutoAddictionjapan is automotive aftermarket parts and wheels distributor in Japan and all over the world, webcreater as well



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緑ドットマーク We are established in 2013. Based in Osaka Japan,
As Automotive distributor,we have DIRECT business relationship with the leading manufacturers.
This business enviroment allows us to provide you with competitive prices and accurate information with over 15 years experience amoung this industry.
緑ドットマークAs Website creater, we now concentrate automotive business customers.
If you are interested in our business and products, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Thank you,
Yoshiaki Ando

company profile

Company name AutoAddictionJapan
Establish July,1st 2013
Director Yoshiaki Ando
Business Automotive parts wholesale disribution
Location 3-2-31 Kitakasugaoka, Ibaraki Osaka
POST CODE 567-0048
Office hour 9AM - 6PM ( Monday -Friday)
Japanese Standard Time
PHONE/FAX +81-72-655-1522 / +81-72-344-5692
Email info@autoaddictionjapan.com


緑ドットマーク You can buy from us directly or from the following EC site.Also if you want to buy JDM parts at YahooAuction, I can assist your auction

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緑ドットマーク If you are wholesale customer,please fill in the following contact form.

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